Monday, August 5, 2013

Pickleball Tip of Week #2

This weeks tip is on unforced errors.

Next time you are on the courts in line waiting to play watch and see how many unforced errors players make. EVERYONE makes unforced errors, however the better you become, the fewer unforced errors you make.

I always make the distinction of ......

Beginner players just want to get the ball back.
Intermediate players place highest regard on hitting winners.
Advanced players place highest importance on NOT MAKING MISTAKES.

You need to start reducing your unforced errors.
If you get a chance , watch this youtube game of the 2010 nationals........
Watch especially near the end of the game, how these top players just are not willing to make mistakes. I am NOT saying to not  go for a winner when you have the shot. However understand that you may only want to smash the ball at 90% instead of 110%. Go for a foot inside the sideline instead of AT the sideline. And dont try and hit a winner when there is NO winner to be had.

What i personally look for in a good partner is a SMART partner. I could care less if you can hit a winner. I am much more impressed if you make the correct decision on the shot. There are 4 basic choices when a ball comes to you.
1) Hit a neutral shot
2) Hit a defensive shot
3) Hit an offensive shot
4) Let the ball go by you as it will either  go out, or it is better for your partner to hit it.
TRY and start to think when you play. PB is like a chess game. It is a thinking game. The good thing is that the longer you play and the better you get, your mind is able to slow the game down. You will be able to make better decisions as to which shot to make.

So in the next couple of weeks, PLACE HIGH IMPORTANCE ON REDUCING YOUR UNFORCED ERRORS and see how much better you play.

jeff shank

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