Monday, August 12, 2013

Pickleball Tip of Week #16

Dink Tips
Ok, I have talked and talked about the necessity of being able to hit nice dinks. I understand that you personally may be having great success against opponents by banging or lobbing every ball. Again, this is fine at beginner to intermediate level. But what are you going to do when you come against a team that are advanced dinkers, and are quick enough to redirect your hard shots at the net back at your feet, or quick enough to get out of the way of your hard hit ball that is going to go out?
If you ever want to become an advanced player or win at the high intermediate level or above, you better know how to dink.

So lets give some more dinking tips. Lets assume that you are standing within two inches of the NVZ ( where you want to be to win at PB)
1) Always be square to where the ball is coming from. In other words, your shoulders and feet should be facing in the direction of the ball on your opponents side of the net.
2) Always keep bent knees and slightly bent waist. You dont want to be bobbing up and down. Bobbing up and down will make you pop the ball up. If you dont have the strength to stay at this position for ten or more dinks, it is ok to put your non paddle hand on your non paddle side just above your knee for support.
3) Hit with your arm, NOT your wrist. Keep your elbow and paddle out in front of you. Take the ball out in front of you.
4) Always try and shuffle your feet a little between shots. You dont want to stay planted and do an extended reach if you dont have to.
5) Dont cross step unless you absolutely have to. It takes too much time to get back into a good position.
6) Always try and stay within 6 inches of the NVZ and take the ball on the fly without letting it bounce when possible.

Practice , practice , practice. Watch videos of top advanced players. The dink shot is one shot that you cannot be without at the advanced levels.
jeff shank

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