Monday, August 5, 2013

Pickleball Tips of Week #1

Hey All,
As promised , here is the "tip of the week".

Since i am a huge proponent of the soft game, many players ask me how to play against "bangers". First thing you need to do is start THINKING when you play. This is hard early on, but as you play longer and longer, the game seems to slow down as your mind is also able to slow down.

Lets start with the return of serve. Lets say that you are playing against a team that has one player that is much more skilled at banging than the other. As my opponent is getting ready to serve to me, i am already decided as to where i want to put this return. If i decide to go back to the great banger, i MUST return it DEEP or to his/her backhand. If i put it short to their forehand, they may be able to overpower me as i stand at the net. They wont be able to overpower me with a banger shot from the baseline ( too much travel time ) or with their backhand.

My return of service does not have to be as precise if i go to the bangers partner. It can be a little shorter or to their forehand . So this is usually the shot i will do as i dont have to be as perfect in the return.
Once you get the bangers up to the net, if you are able to dink to them , you  have the advantage. Dont forget, they WANT you to hit them the ball hard. They dont like the dink game.

So in recap. As you stand ready to return serve, ALREADY  have in your mind  where you want to hit the return. A deep return to the backhand  is usually  best as your opponents now have to hit a more perfect shot. However getting it too deep make it an out ball and you loose the point. So either hit it deep or to the backhand of the better player, or go to the weaker player and you dont have to hit such a perfect shot.

jeff shank

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