Monday, August 5, 2013

Pickleball Tip of Week #8

Hey All,

Todays tip will be on what to do if you hit a ball that hits the net and dribbles over onto your opponents side of the net. When this is the case, one of your opponents need to enter deep into the NVZ and attempt to get the ball back over the net onto your side. Usually they will do this straight back across into your NVZ. When they do this your goal is to go right back at the player that entered into the kitchen hitting the ball into their chest area. You  DONT have to hit it hard at them. Since they entered the NVZ, they must get BOTH feet out of the kitchen AND ONTO THE COURT SURFACE before they can volley the ball. That is why you are trying to hit it back at their chest area so that they HAVE to take the shot as a volley. They usually are going to violate the NVZ if they try and hit the ball at all. 

If you watch this scenerio in open play you will notice that 80% of the time the player does NOT go back at the opponent who entered the NVZ. They hit back to their partner. Thus they loose a great opportunity for and easy point. Again you are not trying to injure your opponent , just trying to make sure they have to volley the ball and thus violate the kitchen. 


I can not tell everyone how much fun i had when the west coast players where here. I got to play numerous games with them. I want to give a big thank you to the three host families that housed these top players. Anita and i hosted Tim and Don. What a treat. Tim is by far and away the most polite , intelligent, easy to get along with 23 year old i have ever seen. Both these players have very healthy diets and each year that Tim has stayed with us, we have adopted more of his eating habits. 

Everyone that is leaving us to venture north, have a safe and fun summer. 

I have been able to post onto youtube three videos from the Pro event. The first is a compilation of the four games with Tim and Billy VS Phil and Brian. This video has the best action, but is NOT in HD so it is a little grainy. The second two videos are their first game in its full length. They are both in HD . 

jeff and anita

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