Monday, August 5, 2013

Pickleball Tip of Week #4

This weeks tip will be on training to improve your game. Many won't like this tip, as it involves work :).

There is no place in the world that offers the free ongoing education that we offer in The Villages. Everyone is aware of beginner 101 , 102 and 103. Then there is an advanced beginner clinic that players can attend. You have Deb Harrison's free Advanced  Skills Practice session at Miona courts every friday at 10:00am.  Sign ups begin one week ahead of time.

Coach Mo's free clinic is taught at Churchill on Mondays and you have my free Strategies clinic taught the first Wednesday of the month which is held at the Miona courts at 10:00am with sign up beginning one week beforehand.

Space is always limited but everyone should try and attend each of these clinics, at least once. Playing games is fun, but probably less than 5% of players actually practice with one or more players to improve their skills. My wife and i try to practice once or twice a week in the evening, spending 30 minutes working on our soft shots. Try and find another partner or several people and PRACTICE. That is the best way to improve. Maybe not the most fun, but the best.

The second thing i do to improve my game is watch the best players in the world and try to emulate them. Two weeks ago i gave a link to the 2010 Mens Nationals finals , just the last game. This week i will include the link to watch the entire match. Understand that this match is over an hour in running time. It is probably the best match i have ever seen and certainly the closest. Understand that both teams started that day at 8:00am and this match finally finishes approximately 11 hours later. Both teams have match point. Three of these four players are coming to our April Exhibition. Here is the link...............................

I have personally watched this entire match around 50 times in the two plus years it has been out.

Next i would highly suggest that you pay for a private lesson from Deb Harrison ( our resident pro instructor ). A private lesson with a top player is an hour well spent.

Finally, i would try my hardest to watch the best players you can find. Or, attend any of our advanced/open tournaments and watch the finals. Anyone that was at Pimlico yesterday, and saw the mixed finals match witnessed some outstanding 5.0 play. It expands what your mind realizes is possible when you see others making incredible shots. You will have such an INCREDIBLE opportunity in April when the best players in the world come here and compete in our exhibition tournament. Traveling to the west coast would be a costly adventure if you wanted to see this quality of play, as it is ONLY available on the west coast. All our club members attend this event for free.

I have submitted paperwork to hold a second free monthly clinic, for members ONLY, at Lake Miona. I have also, requested  2 hours of court time at Pimlico to hold our first members only  "Play with the Medalists" event.  You will be on the court with two of the Villages top players and get helpful advice on improving your game. I hope to get this approved for sometime during the first week of April. I will have all the info for these instructional events at our meeting next friday.

Lastly i have had a request from a resident to have a deaf interpreter at our meetings. If anyone knows of someone that can provide this service, please forward their information. Just so you know, Billy Jacobson, one of the players in the finals game, from the link I gave, who is coming to the villages, also happens to be deaf.

Alright now get out there and practice.

jeff shank

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